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Beauty + Home Develops Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Omnichannel Distribution

Aptar Beauty + Home shares progress made towards creating dispensing solutions designed to address the demand for omnichannel and more sustainable packaging. This represents the company’s response to the increase in e-commerce sales driven initially by the COVID-19 pandemic, but a trend that is clearly here to stay.

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By Vanessa Miremont Global Brand Communications Senior Manager
1 Dec 2022

The segment’s three-pronged approach, “Adapt, Integrate, Rethink” is driving packaging innovation in omnichannel dispensing solutions, designed to meet the needs of both in-store purchasing and e-commerce shipments, while working toward recyclability.

According to Xavier Joseph, Vice President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Aptar Beauty + HomeConsumers expect a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels from in-store, to click-and-collect, to online. According to our research leaking in transit is the biggest pain point consumers currently face*. These innovative packaging and dispensing solutions are designed to eliminate that pain point for consumers, and improve consumer sentiment for our brand partners.”

“We have taken a three-pronged approach to meet this demand,” explains Luigi Garofalo, Global Business Development Director, Aptar Beauty + Home. “Our first step was to adapt our existing product range for requirements specific to e-commerce needs, including adding clips and increasing the robustness of pumps that are prone to breaking while in transit. Meanwhile, our talented engineers were working on ways to integrate e-commerce features into the functional design of packaging while simultaneously rethinking our omnichannel approach: deliver superior technical design, optimize the consumer experience across e-commerce and in-store channels, and minimize environmental impact.”

The initial phase of this development included 40 products in Aptar Beauty + Home’s catalog deemed “e-commerce capable” and were ISTA-6 certified. In 2022, Aptar Beauty + Home increased that total by 50%**. We have been working to inform and inspire brands to use these solutions to both simplify their fulfilment process and deliver more sustainable, recyclable packaging to consumers, says Garofalo.


The benefits of omnichannel packaging solutions additionally help brands who are working towards their own circular economy goals. By integrating built-in designs, and leveraging Aptar’s global network of manufacturing facilities, brands are also able to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize the use of excess packaging and overwrapping. Aptar’s public sustainability product commitments are aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy, which includes developing dispensing and packaging solutions that are recyclable, reusable, or integrate recycled resin. “Our innovative approach of how to make products more sustainable and omnichannel capable at the same time ensures we are eliminating excessive or unnecessary packaging components from the waste stream,” says Xavier Joseph, “it is critical for all packaging suppliers to look broader than just one or two ‘sustainable’ features and truly understand the holistic impact we can make for the future.”

An example of this is Aptar Beauty + Home’s award-winning Future, a recyclable, mono-material and e-commerce capable pump. Future’s industry-leading innovation has received numerous recognitions.

In referencing Future, Kevin Davis, Packaging Engineering Director at Dermalogica shared This pump is truly a game-changer in bringing recyclability to the next level and fully addressing the need for mono-material packaging. We chose Future because of this and took it one step further by pairing it with a bottle made of 50% post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). In addition to the sustainability features, this pump’s e-commerce-friendly design is equally important to our brand since we ship high volumes via small parcel.”


Aptar Beauty + Home is also an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) program, ensuring our omnichannel dispensing solutions are ISTA-6 Amazon certified. “We want to make sure consumers have a frustration-free ‘unboxing’ experience while ensuring the product also withstands transport and distribution network pressures,” says Garofalo. “It’s an example of how Aptar is disrupting the market with e-commerce capable and sustainable dispensing solutions of all types, including closures, pumps and airless packaging. Amazon has implemented one of the most stringent and widely accepted programs in partnership with the International Safe Transit Association, making this the most logical standard for us to pursue.”


*Source: Google Survey | March 2020 | N=195 respondents
***Total product count comprised of technical variations including, but limited to neck finishes, dosage options, or other attributes.

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