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Aptar Pharma is the global leader in elastomeric Rigid Needle Shields (RNS). Our patented RNS and Flexible Needle Shields (FNS) are used by all leading glass manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for their Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS) and Auto-injector developments. Part of our comprehensive range of high-quality PFS components, we provide safe, complete solutions for your injectable developments.

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High-performance latex-free formulations with high permeability

Aptar Pharma’s high-performance latex-free Rigid Needle Shield and Needle Shield elastomeric formulations provide added safety to your specific Pre-Filled Syringe requirements.

Our high-permeability formulations for Rigid or Flexible Needle Shields allow for optimized steam or Ethylene Oxide sterilization, and meet the most demanding sensitive drug requirements, including Biotech.

Patented designs or customized solutions for all your configurations

Aptar Pharma offers a comprehensive range of Rigid Needle Shields and Flexible Needle Shields. We provide adapted solutions to match your needle length, allowing for smooth contact with your needle tip. Our Needle Shields and other Pre-Filled Syringe components are designed to answer pharmaceutical requirements in terms of design, processability, system integration and regulation.

Our team of experts in our International Technical Center can support your development including the selection of designs best adapted to your Pre-Filled Syringe requirements including solutions for auto-injectors, as well as recommendations on the right formulation for your specific applications. All of this is designed to ensure optimal protection of your drug product formulation.

Trusted by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies

Our Rigid Needle Shields and Flexible Needle Shields are recognized leaders on the market, and are used by the top pre-fillable glass systems manufacturers worldwide across numerous vaccine and injectable therapies.

Our 50+ years of experience, scientific expertise and high-quality standards provide customers with a wide range of trusted injectable component solutions as well as support services including analytical testing, regulatory support and post-launch support for drug development success.

Needle Shield Advantages

  • Worldwide Leader in RNS
  • Latex-Free, High-Permeability Formulations
  • Unique Patented Designs
  • Choose Your Quality Level
  • Customized Solutions
  • Innovative Designs for Auto-Injectors

Aptar Pharma is the worldwide leader in Rigid Needle Shields

Recognized as the world leader in Rigid Needle Shields, we are the trusted supplier to glass system manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

Our latex-free, high-permeability formulations ensure optimal compatibility and protection

Our Rigid Needle Shields and Flexible Needle Shields (FNS) are designed with high-permeability, latex-free formulations for steam or EtO sterilization and optimized drug protection.

Unique patented designs to meet your specific application

Aptar Pharma offers a comprehensive range of patented Rigid Needle Shield and Flexible Needle Shield designs, providing adapted solutions to match your needle length and allow for smooth contact with your needle tip.

Available in Ready-To-Sterilize, Ready-To-Use, PremiumFill® and PremiumVision™ finishings

Aptar Pharma needle shields are available with PremiumFill® and PremiumVision™ guarantees enhancing the quality of Ready-to-Sterilize (RTS) and Ready-to-Use (RTU) needle shields, providing high reduction of particles level and critical defects.

Customized solutions to answer your specific requirements

Aptar Pharma can support your specific development by customizing our solutions to meet your specific needs in terms of design, processability, system integration and regulation.

Innovative Rigid Needle Shield designs to support your Auto-injector developments

Our Rigid Needle Shields for Auto-injectors include an innovative feature to meet new Auto-injector requirements and facilitate your project development.

Our RNS is used in the BD Intevia™ Auto-injector. This high-performance, two-step push-on-skin Auto-Injector developed by Aptar Pharma is exclusively licensed to BD.

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