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Aptar Pharma discusses intranasal administration for CNS therapeutics

CNS therapies are a well-defined target for drug repurposing for intranasal administration with a growing track record of success that includes commercialized products for treatment resistant depression and seizures.

This webinar examines the defining benefits of intranasal administration such as high patient acceptability, rapid onset, and the ability to deliver drugs to unconscious patients. The biology of drug delivery for CNS therapeutics is also explored with reference to the benefits of bypassing the blood brain barrier. Off-the-shelf devices for intranasal administration are reviewed and strategies for reformulation – powder or liquid – are considered.

The expert support available from Aptar Pharma, to support all aspects of drug reformulation for intranasal administration, are also discussed.

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Speaker(s): Dr. Julie D. Suman
25 Feb 2022

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