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Unidose/Bidose Systems


Aptar Pharma’s Unidose (UDS) systems are ready-to-use, one-step nasal drug delivery devices which deliver a precise, single dose quickly, easily and reliably. Available for both liquid and powder formulations, our UDS systems are designed to enable the systemic delivery of drugs without the need for injection or administration by a healthcare professional.

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The Single-Dose Nasal Solution Platform
with Proven Performance

Proven technology: FDA-approved and commercialized across multiple drug products

As a global leader in nasal drug delivery devices, Aptar Pharma has the widest range of proven ENT solutions in the world. With decades of experience and scientific knowledge in ENT solutions, this enables us to deliver innovative and effective nasal solutions for both local and systemic therapies.

Our patented Unidose Liquid and Unidose Powder systems have been approved by the FDA and European regulatory authorities for a wide range of treatments for chronic CNS conditions such as migraine, epilepsy and pain relief, as well as for lifesaving drugs to treat hypoglycemia and to counter an Opioid overdose.

With over 100 million devices sold worldwide, thousands of people use our Unidose systems successfully every day across a range of treatment scenarios.

This proven track record combined with our numerous customer references available make Aptar Pharma’s Unidose systems the device of choice for single dose nasal treatments.

Delivers an accurate, single metered nasal dose – every time

Our Unidose systems are applicable for intranasal and sublingual therapies where a small and very precise amount of active drug formulation is required in a single shot.

Some of these therapies require high deposition in targeted areas of the nasal or buccal cavity. Our UDS systems reliably and accurately deliver their full metered dose to these areas with reproducible spray performance.

The nose-to-brain pathway, which allows therapeutic compounds to enter the CNS, requires the precise targeting of the upper part of the nasal cavity, or olfactory region.

Our range of UDS systems, and in particular the UDS Powder, is designed to address the nose-to-brain pathway. Dry powder formulations bring additional benefits, such as lack of preservatives, administration of larger doses of drugs and the improved stability of the formulation.

The design of the Unidose system ensures that the drug product and delivery device are protected before use, to ensure performance when actuated.

Intuitive and ready-to-use systems

Unidose is simple to use by patients, caregivers and HCPs, and is ready-to-use, with no priming or shaking required. The device provides 360° functionality, so the dose can be administered from practically any position.

Additionally, the Unidose is a very intuitive system to use, so there is no special training needed, which is a huge advantage in lifesaving situations.

Ideal devices for drug repurposing projects

Our expertise in the repurposing of existing drugs as nasal drug delivery solutions has enabled our partners to extend the lifecycle of their brands, respond to unmet needs, as well as offer more patient-friendly solutions.

We have worked on numerous examples of drugs that have been successfully repurposed to nasal delivery from other routes of administration, such as injectable, and which use our Unidose Liquid and Powder devices.

Nasal administration of drugs offers fast onset of action and relief of symptoms. Drugs delivered nasally enter the brain directly via the nasal mucosa and bypass the blood-brain barrier.

Proven device for crisis and rescue treatments

Our proven Unidose platforms offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies effective and reliable single-shot intranasal delivery for a variety of medicines including potentially life-saving drugs and treatments of severe conditions.

Our UDS delivers a single-shot formulation in an emergency situation quickly and easily. The designs of the UDS ensures that your drug product is protected before use.

Multiple configurations for multiple therapies

Available as a single dose Unidose system for either liquid or powder formulations, where a very precise amount of active drug formulation is required.

Supported by a comprehensive range of services

For your entire project development, benefit from the Aptar Pharma Services offering, our range of analytical and development services, to accelerate and reduce the risks in your product development journey.

These include end-to-end support from R&D, Extractable and Leachable tests, regulatory support and guidance, regulatory submission and post launch support.

Unidose (UDS) System Advantages

  • Crisis and Rescue Treatments
  • Reliable, Targeted Delivery
  • One-Handed Actuation
  • Limits Available Dose
  • Proven Microbiological Integrity
  • Tamper-Evident Feature
  • Customization & IP
  • Ergonomic Design

Proven devices for crisis and rescue treatments

Our UDS systems deliver a single-shot formulation in an emergency situation quickly and easily. These intuitive, easy-to-use devices with 360° functionality make administration by a patient, caregiver or 3rd party simple and quick.

Robust and reliable devices for accurate dose delivery

Our Unidose systems deliver a precise single-shot dose reliably, whenever needed.

One-handed actuation simplifies dose administration

Our Unidose nasal drug delivery devices are simple to use and require low actuation force. Caregivers, parents and patients find the one-handed actuation and ease-of-use very comforting, especially in stressful crisis drug administration.

Our UDS single dose systems limit the amount of drug available

The UDS is appropriate for treatments where only a single dose is needed, and keeps extra drug product away from patients and their entourage, which is especially important in the case of drugs with a narrow therapeutic index or can be potentially addictive.

Proven microbiological integrity of the primary drug container

Your drug is protected in the UDS systems with guaranteed microbiological purity, only mixed at the moment of use, when the dose is needed by the patient.

Tamper-evident feature protects the drug product

The tamper evident feature indicates if the device has been used before or has been mishandled.

Customization offers IP protection

Customized designs are possible, and we can also offer IP protection for your drug product.

Ergonomic design and style ensures ease-of-use and accuracy

Patented designs enable steady, one-handed actuation and reliable delivery of a single metered dose.

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See How Our Unidose Systems Can Bring New Life to Old Drugs

Our UDS systems have been included in Lifecycle management and drug repurposing initiatives, bringing new life to old drugs.

Check out our Knowledge Hub or speak to an Aptar Pharma expert to find out more.

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