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Designed for ease of use, reliability and accuracy, Aptar Pharma’s e-Dose Counter technology is designed to support better patient compliance in asthma and COPD patients.

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Every Dose Counts

Helping Asthma and COPD sufferers keep on track with their dose regimen.

Our e-Dose Counter, the next generation dose counter with a large, clear, legible digital display with reminder to use features, shows patients how many doses are left in the pMDI and when it’s time to replace it. These are industry-leading features to improve patients’ compliance.

A global market leader in pulmonary drug delivery devices

Aptar Pharma has been the global leader in pulmonary drug delivery solutions for decades. We are a trusted and respected authority and the “go-to” company for the latest innovations in pulmonary drug delivery.

Our extensive knowledge of the entire pMDI system will ensure that the eDose Counter is fully compatible with other key elements of the inhaler, including the metering valve. In addition, the block geometry of the actuator nozzle can be fine-tuned to optimize or target a specific spray pattern performance.

Easy to read, reliable and accurate

Patients want to be in control of their health and their medications in managing their asthma and COPD, so by building in a reliable and accurate dose counter, we can offer patients greater control and sense of security in their inhaler.

Services to accelerate and derisk your pulmonary drug development project.

Our broad range of formulation development, analytical, technical support, development support and regulatory services can help guide you through the challenging and constantly evolving regulatory landscape, and accelerate your product to market with reduced risk.

e-Dose Counter Advantages

  • Accurate & Reliable
  • Clear Legible Display of Remaining Doses
  • Easy to Implement
  • Shared Science
  • Customization

Accurate and reliable indication of doses remaining

The e-dose counter technology has many useful patient friendly features to help compliance. These include a flashing display warning to indicate when the dose label claim is ending, and reminders to use, both of which help asthma patients keep a track of their dosing.

Furthermore, dose miscounting is eliminated due to direct detection of the spray by integrated sensing solutions.

Dose-by-dose count and display

Large, clear and legible digital dose counters helps to avoid patients reading errors further supporting improved patient compliance.

Can reduces product development time and project risk

Our e-Dose Counter spray detection sensing technology reduces the need to have tightly controlled design spaces and tolerances of the valve stem displacement and the dose counting mechanism. This enables accelerated product development and de-risks your development program.

Collaborative approach to design and development

The eDose counter was extensively researched, designed and developed with patients and healthcare professionals, to help optimise patient compliance and preference with their asthma treatment.

Let us differentiate your brand

The eDose Counter is customizable and can be quickly adapted for different doses e.g. 60, 120 or 200 doses.

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