DF30 Metering Valve

Inhalers, Metered Dose Inhalers


Our DF30 metering valve platform is the industry Gold standard valve technology to deliver safe and repeatable medication to patients with life threatening pulmonary diseases.

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The Gold Standard Valve Technology for Metered Dose Inhalers

The Gold standard metering valves for HFA pMDIs

Our DF30 metering valve platform has been the industry gold standard for decades and is continually optimized.

It has widely been considered the benchmark metering valve for hydrofluoralkanes (HFA) propellant pMDIs.

However, with the pharmaceutical industry now entering a new and more environmentally friendly era, companies have turned their attentions to new and lower CO2 footprint propellants. Aptar has responded to this new challenge by optimizing the DF30 metering valve to be compatible with these new formulations.

Trusted technology compliant with stringent regulatory standards

Our DF30 technology platform powers several blockbuster prescription drug products marketed worldwide responding to the needs of very different regulatory standards. It is approved in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S.A.

Ultra clean proprietary elastomer gaskets

Our ultra clean elastomers which are manufactured within our dedicated elastomer facility, have been at the core of our metering valve technology for decades. Our elastomers are specifically developed to meet the needs of our client’s pMDI formulations, which also provides you with confidence that supplies will be met.

DF30 Metering Valve Advantages

  • Excellent Pressure Filling Performance
  • Suitable for All Formulation Types
  • Range of Support Services Available
  • Ultra Clean Proprietary Elastomers
  • Manufacturing Capacity to Meet Your Needs
  • Robust & Safe Supply Chain

Pressure filling performance compatible with all pMDI filling technologies

Our DF30 metering valves demonstrate excellent pressure filling performance and compatibility across all pMDI filling technologies. Our dedicated crimping and filling experts offer onsite support to ensure a seamless transition from Lab to commercial filling.

Suitable for both solution and suspension-based formulations

Our DF30 metering valve technology platform includes several different valve designs and materials to be compatible across many types of formulations. This enables us to provide valve configurations to match the specific formulation of your project.

We can accelerate and derisk your drug development project

We’ve built collaborative networks with our global partners combined with our full range of formulation development, regulatory and technical support services to help accelerate and derisk your respiratory project development program.

Ultra clean proprietary elastomers manufactured within our dedicated elastomer facility

Our elastomers are developed and manufactured within our dedicated facility to be both robust and ultra clean to minimize the level of extractables and to mitigate potential leachable issues.

Multiple manufacturing facilities

Our multiple manufacturing facilities, strategically located in Europe and Asia, help ensure that we can meet the manufacturing capacity and service needs of our global and regional clients.

You can rely on our robust and safe supply chain

You can rely on our robust supply chain to safeguard your business. This is helped by our strategic decision to develop and manufacture all of our elastomeric valves in our dedicated in-house elastomeric facility. Safety of supply is also ensured with our three strategically located manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia.

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