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The Advanced Preservative Free and Advanced Preservative FreePlus pumps from Aptar Pharma constitute an innovative spray dispensing system for nasal and topical applications that provide superior microbiological protection and stability for sensitive formulations using purely mechanical means and granting a metal-free fluid path for safest products.

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The Gold Standard of Preservative Free Nasal and Topical Sprays

Advanced Preservative-Free System makes any preservatives obsolete

Preservatives in nasal formulations, such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), can have a negative impact on the ciliated tissue in the nasal cavity. The APF is a leading solution of preservative free nasal pump sprays worldwide to address this challenge.

A filter membrane prevents the ingress of any microbiological contamination with venting air. That and the purely mechanical Tip-Seal technology of the APF eliminates the need for any preservatives and additives such as silver ions or surface coating.

Microbiological safety is proven based on the industry’s most challenging tests for preservative free multi dose devices.

APFPlus adds dermal, oral and eye care solutions to the preservative-free offering

The advanced preservative free pump system comes with a versatile offering for nasal, dermal, oral and eye-care products, enabling a wide range of preservative-free brand portfolios. Variable spray characteristics of APFPlus specifically support products in different application fields, such as analgesics, cough and cold, dermal drug delivery, eye care and wound care. With the APFPlus formulations varying in their viscosity from liquid aqueous solutions and suspensions to higher viscous formats can be applied.

APF and APFPlus support leading brands worldwide

Highest quality standards in microbiological safety, a longstanding expertise of Aptar Pharma in pump spray devices, a proven track-record of regulatory acceptance with US- and HC-drug master, are the basis for the global acceptance of APF and APFPlus that support major product launches also in highly regulated markets. As the first intranasal preservative-free spray system approved by U.S.-FDA within drug product APF has longstanding trust from regulatory authorities and pharma customers.

Comprehensive support services facilitate successful product commercialization

Our product related supports are aiming at qualifying the APF for specific customer demands. Based on longstanding expertise and by means of state-of-the-art laboratories our experts perform a broad range of tests to qualify the APF device for specific formulation needs. Our services also comprise identifying the right container pump configuration. Specific tests can be performed to evaluate a perfect fit and assembly of the pump to the specific container/bottle. Beyond that we are accompanying our customers in assembly and filling processes from clinical trial formats to commercialization. Our long-term relationships with partners for industrial filling worldwide are an asset customers can rely on. Finally, our outstanding regulatory know-how and close cooperation with our customers, smoothen the way to market with a new APF-based product.

APF and APFPlus Advantages

  • Microbiological Safety
  • Stable Formulation
  • Sterile Product
  • 360° Usage

Aptar Pharma’s leading test methods provide unrivaled microbiological safety

Challenging microbiological test systems and wide regulatory acceptance help to insure patients’ safety and product safety setting quality standards that are widely accepted by regulatory authorities. Tip Seal and Closure Ventilation Integrity Tests prove the system to be safe from ingress of bacteria from air or liquid.

TipSeal closure and metal-free fluid path ensure stable formulations

The mechanical TipSeal closure prevents any ingress of air or backflow of liquid after actuation of the pump. This avoids crystallization leading to clogging of the tip or contamination of the formulation through ingress of bacteria. The metal-free fluid path makes sure sensitive formulations don’t oxidate through iron-based metals.

Sterile product validated to ISO11137 upon request

For sterility needs of pharma-products we offer either gamma-irradiated or sterile APF products, including packaging proved for gamma-irradiation and storage stability. Our irradiation process is validated according to ISO11137.

The unvented solution for comfortable usage at 360°

Topical administration is often needed at any angle. APF and APF+ are provided as 360° sprays that enable fully flexible use through an inner pouch that gradually collapses instead of having an inflow of venting air. So the dip tube is immersed in the formulation enabling spraying at any angle.

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You can trust the leading expertise of Aptar Pharma in preservative-free multidose dispensing technologies for nasal, ophthalmic, topical and oral applications and rely our knowledgeable end-to-end support from development to commercialization of your products.

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