GS Affinity Pump

Dispensing/Lotion Pumps, Water-Based, Liquid Soap, High Viscosity, Shampoo

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GS Affinity is our iconic high performance pump with a metal-free pathway for easy formula compatibility. This lock-up pump combines robust technology with a well-known design and ensures no metal contact.

GSA Affinity is the right solution for your water-based formulas such as shampoo or liquid soaps.

Key Features:


Available in a wide range of options

Our iconic pump offers endless aesthetic options. 11 actuators are available and can be combined with six different fixture styles to create a custom look.

Configure GSA in 3D

Explore an array of colors, materials, transparencies and bottle shapes. Select your actuator, collar and closure and then upload unlimited artwork options from labels to full graphics with instant real-time mapping.

All pack decoration options and sizes are locked down to feasible combinations, so the packs you create are not only as you wish but possible.


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