Essencia Bloom Fragrance Spray Pump

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Let your fragrance bloom

Essencia Bloom fragrance spray pump combines a super soft actuation with a continuous spray for easy application. No contact between the fragrance and the spring makes it perfect for reuse.

Key Features:

  • Compatible for refillable fine sprays
  • Dosages: 70µ, 100µ
  • Fixtures: Crimp-on FEA 15, 18, 20, snap-on and push over FEA 15
  • Actuators: Metal finishing, diameters 12.1, 13, 13.3, 14.8, 15
  • Pump and glass bottle can be recycled together
  • Customizable

Configure Essencia Bloom in 3D

Explore an array of colors, materials, transparencies and bottle shapes. Select your actuator, collar and closure and then upload unlimited artwork options from labels to full graphics with instant real-time mapping.

All pack decoration options and sizes are locked down to feasible combinations, so the packs you create are not only as you wish but possible.

customize in 3D

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