SimpliSqueeze® Valve

As the global leader in flow control solutions, Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve allows for the ultimate in clean, controlled, convenient dispensing.

High-Quality, Repeatable Performance

SimpliSqueeze® is versatile for use with a variety of applications while providing high quality, repeatable performance with every dispense. With over 25 years of commercial success and 30 billion valves sold, Aptar has the expertise and experience to deliver SimpliSqueeze® flow control solutions to differentiate and optimize packaging around the world.

Swimming Silicone

A proprietary blend of silicone developed with leading recyclers and available exclusively to Aptar. The FDA approved, recycle-friendly valve features an active ingredient that gives the valve a different density to PET allowing easy separation of silicone from PET. This is a welcome advancement in valve technology that has simplified and streamlined the PET recycling process.

Features & Benefits

Our SimpliSqueeze® valve technology is recognized throughout the world for its superior dispensing performance. SimpliSqueeze® provides ultimate user control and convenience with stay-clean, non-drip benefits. A technology perfect for inverted packaging.

Stay-Clean • Control • Convenient • 250+ Offerings

SimpliSqueeze® is ideal for inverted packages and is proven as a perfect solution for sticky products. Kids love the fun aspect while adults appreciate the no-drip, no-spills, no-mess convenience.


The SureSnap® assembly incorporates our SimpliSqueeze® elastomeric valve in a preassembled retaining ring. With its simple and precise mechanical lock assembly, the two-piece design conveniently snaps in as one component, into the geometry of applications.

The snap assembly of the valve to the retaining ring does not diminish the performance level of the SimpliSqueeze® valve. The valve is still capable of providing controlled dispensing amounts, with the valve flexing outward during the dispense phase and then inwards to vent air back into the package providing product cut-off.

SureSnap component in yellow, purple, green, blue and red

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