Nasal Vaccines


Aptar Pharma’s nasal vaccine solutions provide a convenient, pain-free nasal vaccine delivery, quickly, precisely and reliably.

Renowned for our large and comprehensive range of nasal drug delivery devices and services, our intranasal concept solutions offer reproducible dosing, convenience and ease-of-use for HCPs.

Available for both reconstituted liquid and powder formulations, our concept devices provide an alternative vaccine delivery route without the need for an injection by a healthcare professional. The powder formulations may also reduce the need for cold chain storage requirements that facilitates distribution.

Evolving Vaccine Delivery

Ready-to-use systems

As a global leader in nasal drug delivery devices, Aptar Pharma has the widest range of proven ENT solutions in the world. With decades of experience and scientific knowledge in ENT solutions, this enables us to deliver innovative and effective nasal solutions for both local and systemic therapies.
Our nasal vaccine concepts build on our existing broad knowledge of ENT solutions.


Meeting an unmet market need in intranasal vaccine delivery

Aptar Pharma’s existing intranasal Drug Delivery Systems represent the gold standards of nasal drug delivery. However, with an increasing market demands for widespread easier and more patient friendly vaccinations, our concept devices meet this unmet as well as the need for devices for specialty vaccines. Patients and HCPs will appreciate our easy-to-use and painless solutions.

Proven nasal drug delivery success worldwide

Aptar Pharma is a leader in the nasal drug delivery market with the largest and most comprehensive range of nasal spray pumps on the market.


Enables brand differentiation

Offering intranasal vaccines to HCPs in addition to your oral and injectable vaccination range helps your brand differentiation.


Supported by a comprehensive range of services

For your entire project development, benefit from Aptar Pharma’s broad range of Services to accelerate and reduce the risks in your new product development journey. These services include end-to-end support from R&D, Extractable and Leachable tests, regulatory support and guidance, regulatory submission as well as post launch support.

Aptar Pharma’s Nasal Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems Advantages

  • Reliable, Targeted Delivery Devices
  • Convenience
  • Easy to Fill
  • Adaptable Platforms
  • Ease of Distribution


Reproducible dosing of liquid and powder formulations

Our concept devices provide reliable and precise dosing, for reliable and accurate dose delivery.




Combining convenience with ease-of-use

Our nasal vaccine systems are easy-to-use and easy to transport.




Fully assembled by Aptar Pharma and delivered directly to you

To be used with standard vials.




For mass vaccination

Our devices include offerings suitable for mass vaccination or specialty vaccination.




Reduces need for cold chain delivery

Our dry powder platforms may reduce cold chain storage requirements for ease of distribution.



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