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Aptar Pharma Large Volume Parenteral Stoppers (Infusion Stoppers) are designed for infusion bottles and provide optimal protection and drug delivery. Our range of pharmaceutical rubber Infusion Stoppers are specifically designed to meet multi-piercing needs and facilitate manufacturing processes.

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Optimal Stopper Protection for Your Large Volume Drugs

Pure quality formulations with low permeability and resistance to coring

Aptar Pharma’s proprietary elastomeric formulations for stoppers are designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of quality and safety.

Thanks to our in-house expertise, we offer a variety of innovative elastomeric formulations providing optimized self-sealing, low permeability and resistance to coring, combined with high chemical inertness, which is essential for our customers’ drug products, including sensitive drug products for biotechnology companies.

Ensuring quality protection of your drug formulations

All of our proposed elastomeric formulations are compliant with international standards, such as the USP, EP, JP and ISO 8871, and are certified “not made with natural rubber”, allowing us to be your go-to drug delivery partner for all your injectable challenges. Our teams of experts in our International Technical Center can support you in your developments including selection of designs and formulations for specific applications.

Trusted by the world’s leading companies

Our Large Volume Parenteral Stoppers are used by all the major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Our 50+ years of experience, scientific expertise and high quality standards provide customers with a wide range of trusted injectable component solutions as well as support services, including analytical and development testing, regulatory support and post launch support, for your drug development success.

Premium quality offering accelerating and derisking your drug product development

Our state-of-the-art processes and our back-up factories, guarantee long-term security-of-supply. Our Large Volume Parenteral Stoppers are available in standard and textured surface finishes to mitigate compatibility issues to help you get to market faster. Our Infusion Stoppers can be delivered in specific packaging options and different finishings including Ready-to-Use (RTU), Ready-to-Sterilize (RTS) or PremiumFill® for improved quality processes and services, reducing contamination and compatibility issues.

Large Volume Parenteral Stopper Advantages

  • Excellent Multi-Piercing Performance
  • Optimal Compatibility and Protection
  • Good Machinability
  • Enhanced Cleanliness with PremiumFill®

Excellent self-sealing properties and low fragmentation reduces particulates

Our Infusion Stoppers have been designed to facilitate multi-piercing and lower fragmentation risk thanks to pre-holes, targets and adapted flange thickness. They also have an excellent self-sealing feature.

Optimal compatibility and protection for Large Volume Parenteral applications

Our Infusion Stoppers offer good chemical inertness (low extractable profile), non-cytotoxicity and low permeability to ensure maximum drug compatibility and protection throughout product life.

Adapted shapes and surface treatments

Our Infusion Stoppers have anti-sticking spacers and come with either matte or rough surfaces on the flange. A rough surface improves the anti-sticking performance.

Complying with the highest quality requirements

Our Infusion Stoppers are available in PremiumFill® quality, a guaranteed specification resulting in lower embedded particles, improved particulate cleanliness and an overall reduction in defects.

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