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Enhance compliance for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients is possible with our digital dose counting metered dose inhaler. The counter is integrated into the pressurized metered dose inhaler and provides feedback to patients and allows them to quickly determine the number of remaining doses in their inhalation device.

The digital dose counting inhaler is designed to improve patient adherence and compliance with prescribed medication regimens. By providing feedback and reminders to take medications, it helps reduce the likelihood of missed doses, reducing the risk of exacerbations, hospitalizations and loss of lung function.

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Digital Dose Counters – Every Dose Counts

Inhaler with built-in Digital Dose Counter

Our next generation inhaler with a built-in digital dose counter uses an integrated clear and easy to read digital display to show the number of remaining doses in the inhaler. With dosing schedule reminders, we make counting simple which helps patients better manage their asthma and COPD treatments. The inhaler is also equipped with a smart sensor technology which can detect usage, track inhaler levels, and provide feedback to patients about their adherence to therapy. With this device, patients can get real-time information about their medication, enabling them to better manage their condition.

Patient friendly inhaler

The dose counter is fully integrated and compatible with the entire pMDI system. The inhaler components, including metering valve can be fine-tuned to deliver optimized inhaled drug delivery performance. The spray dosing detection system eliminates miscounting errors.

Keep track of Asthma and COPD treatment compliance

Asthma and COPD are chronic conditions that can require consistent long-term compliance with inhaled treatment schedules by patients. Improve patient outcomes with our digital dose counter and make it simple for patients to stay on track with their asthma dosing regimen.

Integrated Support & Development Services for Inhaled products

Our extensive inhalation development support services include device selection, formulation development, analytical method development and validation as well as comprehensive regulatory support from an experienced global development partner for inhaled products.

Simplified and reliable tracking of doses

Digital dose counter-pressurized metered dose inhalers offer simplified and accurate tracking of dosages from an inhaler device.

The digital dose counter technology, which replaces traditional mechanical dose counters, provides an accurate and reliable way for patients to track their medications in real-time. This helps to improve patient adherence and convenience, allowing them to view the remaining doses on their device and know when they need to refill their medication. The digital dose counter also eliminates the need for manual device tracking, reducing the risk of patient error or confusion. Additionally, the digital dose counter can provide valuable insights into patient usage patterns that can help healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers to better understand and improve patient outcomes.


Patient friendly inhaler device

The digital dose counting feature in the inhaler delivers reliable, consistent and precise respiratory drug delivery. The integrated digital counter avoids dosing errors, as it is based on the direct detection of the spray from the aerosol-metering valve within the inhaler, fully integrated within the actuator.  The results are clearly displayed on the large digital display, providing the patient with confidence in the dose remaining.

Improved control for Asthma and COPD

Asthma and COPD can be chronic and debilitating respiratory diseases without reliable and effective treatment. Patients with these respiratory conditions want to be in control of their health and their medications as part of their self-management of their disease. The inclusion of a reliable and accurate digital dose counter to their inhalation device can provide patients with greater control and sense of security. With automatic dosing schedule reminders, and a count of remaining doses in the inhaler device, the patient can much more easily manage their own compliance to treatment and overall health.


Integrated Support & Development Services

We are a trusted authority and a  “go-to” company for the latest innovations in OINDP drug delivery. This is based on decades of experience in inhalation drug delivery. The addition of digital dose counters helps patient adherence and convenience builds on our industry leading inhalation systems using our advanced aerosol metering valve designs. Aptar Pharma offers comprehensive development and support services to help our customers derisk and accelerate the process of bringing important OINDP products to the patients that need them most. Our extensive knowledge of pressurized metered dose inhalers, our broad range of formulation development, analytical development, technical and regulatory support can help guide customers through the challenging and constantly evolving regulatory approval landscape.  Aptar Pharma is your ideal partner for new or repositioned inhalation products that can benefit from our integrated technologies and services.

Inhalation Drug Delivery Scientific Leadership Enhanced
with Integrated Digital Dose Counters

  • Accurate & Reliable Dose Tracking Asthma Inhaler
  • Easy to Read Display in the Inhaler
  • Derisk Inhaler Product Development
  • Optimized Patient Solution
  • Customizable Asthma Inhaler to Help in Brand Differentiation

Our digital dose counter inhaler technology tracks doses used and provides dosing reminders

Integrated sensing solutions detect the spray directly, eliminating dose miscounting, with electronic connectivity to the digital display; a flashing display indicates when the end of dose label claim is approaching and a replacement inhaler should be requested.

Our digital dose counter shows a large, easy to read numeric digital display

Readable at a glance with excellent legibility minimizes the risk of patient error while maximizing patient compliance.

Our inhaler with a digital dose counter can accelerate and derisk your product development.

Our digital dose counter inhaler was developed with patients and healthcare professionals in mind

The digital dose counting device built in to the inhaler results in a precise and reliable inhalation device that is easy to use with added digital features that enhance patient compliance.

The digital dose counter is easily customizable for different numbers of doses, such as 60, 120 or 200 with a variety of spray pattern options. New products or repositioned pMDIs may benefit from this differentiated inhaler with the digital dose counting feature.

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