Foundation Dispensing Systems

Dispensing/Lotion Pumps, Foundation


Discover a wide range of pumps for foundation formulas :

  • Evoclassic
  • Evolux
  • Metropolitan


Discover our airless full packaging offer :

  • Stella airless full pack
  • Auriga airless full pack


Discover our newest makeup gestures :

  • Star Drop
  • Neomix

Find your perfect fit !

  • Lotion pumps
  • Airless full packagings
  • New alternative gestures

Timeless classic atmospheric pumps for mass to premium markets especially developed for creamy and fluid textures, such as fluid foundations, primers or tinted moisturizers.

Extra-protective airtight packaging for masstige to premium markets, especially developped to protect fragile, light and air-sensitive formulas and active ingredients.

Innovative full packaging solutions for alternative dispensing : STAR DROP is a new generation dropper for ultra fluid textures and NEOMIX allows a smart mix and match concept for many formulas types.

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