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SimpliCycle™ Fully Recyclable Valve

Continuing to lead the market in flow control solutions, Aptar is pleased to introduce our new SimpliCycle recyclable valve.

Industry Leading Performance Meets Full Recyclability

A fully recyclable flow control solution

As the industry leader in providing flow control dispensing solutions for more than 25 years, Aptar’s SimpliCycle recyclable valve is driving sustainability to the forefront of packaging innovation.

Made from a low-density material, the valve floats, allowing it to be easily separated from the PET stream, and then recycled right along with the PP/PE olefin stream.

When assembled into an Aptar closure, SimpliCycle creates a sustainable solution for use with PET, PE or PP containers.

Simplicycle was recently honored to be awarded the best CSR/Sustainability initiative in 2021 by World Food Innovation Awards.

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Industry Accredited Solution

Approved by recyclers and industry associations

Aptar has been working hand-in-hand with a number of industry-leading recyclers and associations to ensure SimpliCycle is fully recyclable.

In 2019, Aptar signed the Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as part of its commitment to a circular vision in which plastic never becomes waste.

By 2025, Aptar has committed to eliminating problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging; take action to move from single-use toward reuse models where relevant; have 100% of its plastic packaging be reusable, recyclable or compostable find solutions to increase recycled content across all plastic packaging used.

We know how important it is that as we deliver a solution like SimpliCycle to meet these commitments, we have full support and recognition from experts in recyclability.

SimpliCycle Performance Advantage

Dispensing performance is a top priority

Recyclable and high performance, SimpliCycle maintains all of the same advantages of Aptar’s Silicone and Swimming® Silicone valves, to provide the highest level of cleanliness, control, and convenience throughout the dispensing experience.

Over two decades, we have perfected valve functionality to ensure maximum flow control combined with clean dispensing to ensure consumers get precise amounts of product, when and where they want it – avoiding drips, leaks, or spills.

SimpliCycle consistently provides a clean product cut-off when done squeezing the container, whether it’s the first or last squeeze of a product. This ensures the closure remains clean and hygienic throughout the package’s life.

SimpliCycle is an all-in-one solution delivering on recyclability and the high-performance the world has expected with Aptar valve dispensing.

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High Versatility and Compatibility

Perfect for wide variety of applications

SimpliCycle is versatile in terms of both valve diameter and slit size to ensure optimal dispensing performance for a range of product viscosities, including peanut butter to water and everything in between.

Additionally, SimpliCycle is made from a material that makes it highly compatible with a wide variety of Food + Beverage products, including oil-based and high acid products like mayo and ketchup.

Paired with either rigid or flexible containers, SimpliCycle is revolutionizing high-performance sustainable dispensing.

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Aptar Launches SimpliCycle Valve Solution

Aptar Food + Beverage, a global leader in elastomeric flow solutions, announces its new SimpliCycle recyclable valve technology.

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Aptar Transforms Market with SimpliCycle™ Valve Solution

The innovative and recyclable valve accelerates Aptar closer to its 2025 sustainability goals.

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SimpliCycle recyclable valve receives APR recognitionAptar Receives APR Critical Guidance Recognition for SimpliCycle Recyclable Valve

APR Critical Guidance Recognition acknowledges technologies or packaging components that solve long-standing problems in sustainable package design.

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SimpliCycle World Food Innovation Award winnerAptar Food + Beverage’s SimpliCycle Recyclable Valve Wins Recognition At World Food Innovation Awards For Its Sustainability And Innovation

SimpliCycle recyclable valve was awarded at the WFIA 2021.

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