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our product

innovative products


Exemplifying the growing number of

sustainable synergies across Aptar’s

three segments, the airless dispensing

technology developed in the Aptar

Beauty + Home segment for skin care,

as shown here, was used by Aptar

Pharma to introduce a wound-care

dispensing system to treat keratolytic

scars. For this particular application, the

primary benefit is Serumony’s intuitive

and convenient handling, which delivers

an accurate dose of product while

retaining its hygienic properties.




Aptar introduced innovative new Bonded Aluminum to Plastic (BAP


) closures

in 2015 with several safety, security and environmental benefits. A Lift & Pull

all-in-one foil-to-closure system replaces metal can-ends on store shelves and

is safer and easier to use. Research at a children’s daycare center found that

Lift & Pull was so easy to open, a child could do it. Parents appreciated the

safety feature and recommended that it be used for canned foods, on-the-go

meals, pet food and soups. The BAP flip top closure with integrated measuring

scoop provides cleanliness and hygiene attributes. At a major fitness convention,

consumers preferred our flip top closure over traditional screw-on overcaps

for use with protein powder, including the hygiene benefit of a special scoop

holder that holds it above the powder. BAP also provides tamper-evidence

and anti-counterfeit benefits that keep products fresh and safe.




Aptar Beauty + Home’s line of baby

care products for Pom Pom feature

dispensing solutions with multiple

benefits. In 2015 the innovations

were recognized with two packaging

awards from the Brazilian Association

of Packaging and Embalagem

Marca magazine’s

Grandes Cases

de Embalagem (Great Packaging


, for including aspects such

as innovation, harmony and clarity

of the information, commercial

claim, ergonomics, product utilization

and sustainability.



This dispenser defends

formulas against

environmental effects

and reduces the use of

preservatives by providing

a higher restitution rate and

formula protection, even

with very thick formulations.

It follows formulation trends

in body care, offering a

high-dosage pump solution

for bottle sizes from 400 ml

to 1 liter or more. A shower-

proof feature prevents

water from invading the

bottle in a shower or bath.


Designed to protect sensitive and high-value injectable

drugs, including biopharmaceuticals, this novel range of

coated elastomeric stoppers was recently introduced by

Aptar Stelmi. They offer an advanced system for maintaining

the integrity of the container closure while minimizing

interaction between the drug compound(s) and the

component’s constituents for these fragile drugs.


Easy to open and close

while on-the-go, Uno

provides a hygienic, safe

and convenient drinking

experience for consumers

of all ages. Uno is a

one-piece design weighing

29 percent less than our

market-proven Original

1810 sport closure.

Fine Mist Spray


Aptar’s non-aerosol fine mist technology used for FOGG

deodorant is a unique technology. It doesn’t require

propellant for dispensing, allowing for superior atomization.

Combining the fine mist pump platform and a one-inch

mounting cup delivers a proper connection to standard

metal cans and generates a predetermined and equal

dosage with every pump action in uniform particle sizes.

The spray technology won Aptar Beauty + Home a


Indiastar Award

for excellence in consumer packaging.