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Not only is Aptar a leader in the global

dispensing systems industry, but we are

in the forefront in developing innovative

breakthroughs in consumer packaging that

benefit consumer health and safety and

environmental protection. Sustainability

shapes critical aspects of our product

development, and our customers realize

and appreciate that.

In 2015, Aptar made pioneering advances

that are being applied to products and that

broaden our expertise throughout the world

for our customers’ sake. The following

examples of inventive products and

processes illuminate our industry leadership.



Sustainable Materials

Our sustainable materials investigations play an increasingly

important role in researching and developing new resins for

packaging. In 2015, Aptar began trials of certain bioresins

and post-consumer resins (PCR) at research facilities in

Europe and the U.S. We began several trial programs using

bioresins, and also are finding customers interested in

the environmental benefits of their use. In 2015, we also

conducted trials of post-consumer resins (PCR) at varying

percentages. This work is continuing in 2016 at research-

and-development centers in the U.S. and Europe.

Design for Sustainability

In 2015, we launched an investigative program,

incorporating our eco-design tool into the new product

development stage gate process. The eco-design tool

is intended for engineers and developers to support the

material choice in the design process of a new product.

The tool evaluates three main “areas of protection,”

including damage to human health, to ecosystem diversity

and resources availability. It also uses an internationally

recognized methodology and lets developers evaluate

the environmental burdens for each material and its life

cycle stages.

Throughout 2016, the eco-design tool will be piloted

in Aptar Beauty + Home for possible implementation

in other segments.


our products

Vision 2030:

We deliver innovative packaging

solutions satisfying the need for

convenience, safety and security.

We access the expertise of the

world to innovate.


our product

Customer Satisfaction

Our latest customer survey focused on major customers

in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

We pinpointed ways to track and improve lead times,

responses to inquiries and actions to better meet their

needs. Customers evaluated Aptar on quality, packaging,

R&D, service, sales and supply and they gave us a

gratifying score of 4.12 out of 5, with 5 being “excellent.”

Customer Service Week

“Every Day Heroes” was the theme for the 2015 Customer

Service Week activities celebrated by Aptar North American

manufacturing facilities in Cary, Ill.; Congers, N.Y.; Midland,

Mich., Mukwonago, Wis., and Stratford, Conn. The annual

international celebration highlights the importance of serving

customers and the employees who serve and support

customers every day.

The Customer Service Week planning team created

an agenda that recognized frontline customer service

representatives, raised awareness of the significance of

customer care and reminded customers of our commitment

to their satisfaction, among other activities.


with Suppliers

Aptar held its first Global Supplier Summit in March 2015

with 180 people from 140 of our suppliers as well as 40 Aptar

employees attending the two-day meeting.

The event featured several presentations and panel

discussions with our leadership team that emphasized

the need for a strong supplier partnership. It focused

on engagement and collaboration to generate affordable

innovation, reduce costs and enhance sustainability.

Among the speakers were Aptar CEO Stephen Hagge and

Group Purchasing Vice President Philippe Robert. Also

addressing the group was Global Sustainability Director

Beth Holland, who asked suppliers to help develop a

more responsible supply chain with Aptar. She noted that

many customers expect that increased environmental

sustainability of packaging will have the biggest impact

toward achieving their internal sustainable objectives.

She urged suppliers to commit to improving their own

environmental and social performance.

Suppliers were highly enthusiastic about the summit.

Among the comments were these: “I learned more on Aptar

in one day than in three years before.” “Really pleasant day

of experience sharing.” “Very impressed by the accessibility

of Aptar’s top management.” “The workshops were very

good, interesting and original exercises.” “Hopefully, there

will be another Supplier Summit.”