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2020 Women on Boards

AptarGroup received a Winning Company 2015 award from

2020 Women on Board, a nonprofit organization committed

to increasing the percentage of women serving on company

boards to at least 20 percent by 2020. It reports that the

percentage of women on boards increased to 18.8 percent

in 2015, up from 14.6 percent in 2011. Three of Aptar’s 10

directors are women.

Women’s Forum of New York

Women’s Forum of New York, a nonpartisan organization of

more than 400 women leaders, presented AptarGroup with

a 2015 Corporate Champion certificate for having 20 percent

or more women on its board. The organization salutes

companies that know women on boards “is good business.”


Best Workplaces Italia

For the second year in a row, Aptar’s divisions in Chieti,

Pescara and Milan, Italy, were recognized as Best Workplaces

Italia by the Great Place to Work


Italia Institute. The awards,

which assessed 109 Italian companies with more than

40,000 employees, were distributed in February 2016.

Aptar Italia ranked 12th in the overall large company

ranking and third among manufacturing companies. For

the competition, Aptar’s human resources team organized

a Trust Index Survey and Culture Audit Assessment for the

employees at the three facilities. It assessed five dimensions

of the internal environment and culture: equity, credibility,

respect, camaraderie and pride. Aptar employees strongly

participated, and the results showed their extremely high

level of commitment and sense of belonging.

our people

Aptar considers it vital that every location

contribute to our overall sustainability

efforts and to our global progress.

Increasingly, sustainability is a focus of

our facility managers as they recognize

the difference that decreasing energy and

water use and waste can make to our

planet — and to our bottom line.

Under the Planet Sustainability Scorecard

you will find our Energy Performance and

Landfill Free Certifications, as well as our

Aptar Production System and Compliance/

Risk Matters.



Measuring Performance

We use our SAP Business Intelligence platform to collect

environmental sustainability metrics from each of our

manufacturing locations globally. Representatives from each

site report energy, waste and water data on a monthly basis.

In 2015 we made improvements to the system to provide

additional capabilities for measuring and reporting our

sustainability performance. Most notably was the addition

of a dashboard which enables our regional and global

sustainability leaders to more accurately and efficiently

analyze performance and understand trends. We also

improved our carbon emissions reporting capabilities.

In 2016, we began adding capabilities for more detailed

reporting, for instance we are adding more designations

of fuel oil types and aligning waste types to the categories

within our landfill free program. We are also preparing

calculations to be able to show carbon emissions based

on both local and market driven conversion factors.

Renewable Energy Purchases

In 2015, six of our sites in France, and three in Germany,

purchased renewable energy. Additionally, we have

contracts for other Aptar sites to begin purchasing

renewable energy in 2016 and 2017. Primarily, the

renewable-energy resources bought on the market from

producers are wind and water. Anticipating these purchases,

along with our Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in Italy,

would result in a decrease in our Scope 2 emissions as

compared to 2014, we obtained third-party data assurance

of our location-based, market-based, and REC claims

(see G4-EN16) to illustrate and verify this trend.

Aptar is committed to using renewable energy sources

and employing less fossil fuel-based energy. This focus

is an important element in obtaining ISO 50001 certification

for energy management, which several Aptar facilities

seek to receive.


our planet

Vision 2030:

We strive for solutions respecting

the environment and conserving

natural resources.

Cigna 2015 Well Being Award – Midwest Region

North American health insurer Cigna awarded its 2015 Well

Being Award for the Midwest Region to the Aptar Human

Resources team, primarily reflecting its efforts to increase

employee engagement and improve health.

Specifically, Cigna cited the active wellness committees in

Aptar’s locations; its partnership with local hospitals and

businesses for presentations and wellness challenges; its

physical activity and nutrition resources available to improve

health, including in the cafeteria and vending machines;

and the consistent completion of health assessments using

biometric measures.

We are proud to share these story

selections in summary of our 2015

achievements in the area of People.

There are many more stories to be told

and we invite you to read more about

us in th

e Aptar Newsroom .

With so

many passionate employees, it is no

wonder we experience continued progress

with regard to the Planet as well. After all,

our people are the driving force behind

our environmental sustainability successes.