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Using Intranasal Delivery for Drug Repositioning: A Compelling Proposition for Lifecycle Management

Drug repositioning is a promising approach that is gaining popularity among pharmaceutical companies due to its potential to significantly reduce drug development timelines and costs. Typically, repositioning a drug can reduce the timeline by 6-9 years and attract average costs of approximately $1.6 billion, a fraction of the $12 billion estimated for new drugs. This makes it a powerful lifecycle management tool for pharmaceutical companies, delivering attractive returns over a relatively short period. For healthcare practitioners and patients, drug repositioning can bring new therapies to market in an abbreviated timeframe.

One effective approach for drug repositioning is intranasal delivery, which has a proven track record of success. Aptar Pharma offers support for drug repositioning at every stage, from device design and manufacture through formulation to patient training.

This article highlights the importance of drug repositioning strategies, some of the development challenges in nasal drug delivery, and the end-to-end support along the route to commercialization and demonstrates how Aptar Pharma can help companies successfully reposition drugs using intranasal delivery.

In conclusion, drug repositioning is becoming increasingly popular due to its potential to reduce timelines and costs, making it a valuable tool for pharma companies. Intranasal delivery is an effective way to reposition drugs and Aptar Pharma can provide comprehensive support for this process, helping companies successfully bring new therapies to market.

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Author(s): Reenal Gandhi Dr. Julie Suman
2 May 2023

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