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Training Devices and Patient Education Play a Crucial Role in the Self-Injection Drug Delivery Market

In this article we reflect on the continued success of the Biopharmaceutical industry and discuss the resultant opportunities for self-injection devices. We explore the benefits of combining training devices with patient education and how, together with Biopharmaceutical partners, we can advance outcomes for patients.

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Author(s): Joe Reynolds
Publication: ONdrugDelivery
27 Oct 2020

The Biopharmaceutical industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent decades and now represents more than 25% of the total pharmaceutical market.  The primary drivers of this rapid expansion are the pursuit of biologics to treat the growing rate of chronic diseases, and technological advancements, particularly in the use of smart data and connectivity.

The development of biologic drugs has resulted in increasing numbers of patients self-injecting  medications at home. But, with nearly half of patients receiving no training, there is a real concern about levels of patient compliance.

We believe that human behavior and user experience are critical elements of a patient-centric training solution. Therefore, our training devices replicate the exact feel, force and function of the actual drug delivery device, so that patients can practice at home, resulting in less error and increased device familiarity.

A partnership approach with Biopharmaceutical customers is paramount to the successful implementation of a patient centric path. An example is our partnership is with BD where our robust program complements the company’s commercial launches, and ultimately, improves patient adherence.


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