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Step to Success in Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery

Many Pharmaceutical companies and researchers are investing significant efforts to understand and facilitate Nose-to-Brain drug delivery to treat current and previously unmet medical needs.

It holds promise for the treatment of illnesses of the CNS of growing prevalence from Alzheimer’s to depression. However, delivering drugs via the nose to the CNS via systemic delivery is extremely challenging and it presents considerable challenges for drug product developers.

This article reviews progress to date of nasal drug delivery to the CNS, summarizing our current understanding of device design and formulations required. Selecting a suitable nasal spray device is a critical aspect of product development but it’s important to recognize that it is a combination of the device, formulation properties and patient technique that determine deposition behavior.

Mechanisms for drug transport from the nasal cavity to the CNS are considered and the challenging physiology of the nose is highlighted. Data illustrating the performance of state-of-the-art devices for Nose-to-Brain drug delivery are presented along with a comprehensive review of the factors that require consideration during formulation. Aptar Pharma is working at the forefront of olfactory targeting and have achieved 60% dose delivery to the olfactory region associated with optimal drug transport to the CNS. This publication showcases the expertise that Aptar Pharma has to offer others working in this exciting field of nasal drug delivery.

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Author(s): Reenal Gandhi Gemma Budd
24 Nov 2022

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Step to Success in Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery

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