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Nasal Drug Delivery: Past, Present and Future Perspectives

As the nasal cavity is accessible, well vascularized and facilitates systemic absorption, it has been used as an entry point for the administration of many therapies for several years.

In this article we will review the evolution of various device platforms, therapy areas, the regulatory landscape as well as look to the future of nasal drug delivery.

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Author(s): Dr. Julie D. Suman
Inhalation Magazine
10 Dec 2020

Nasal drug delivery has been the mainstay for local indications, such as allergic rhinitis, and niche areas, such as pernicious anemia and pain, since the late 1900s. Delivery systems have evolved from less-precise dosing systems to sophisticated device designs able to protect formulations and achieve reliable dosing.

Aptar Pharma is a market leader in nasal spray pumps and we continue to make advances in nasal drug delivery systems, including Digital Healthcare solutions.


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