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Investigating Breathable HPV-L2 Dry Powder Vaccine using GLA as Amphiphilic Lubricant and Immune-adjuvant

Dry powder respirable vaccines combine the advantage of high patient acceptability with a lack of any requirement for cold chain storage, an important logistical and economic benefit.

This paper describes a proof-of-concept validation of a dry powder human papillomavirus (HPV) respirable vaccine developed using a particle engineering approach. A key characteristic of the developed formulation is the application of glucopyranosyl lipid A (GLA) to the surface of vaccine particles to simultaneously improve aerosolization performance and recognition by the lung immune cells. Extensive in vitro characterization of the resulting formulation was carried out along with in vivo tests to determine lung deposition behavior, following intratracheal administration to mice. A subsequent short-term immunization study provided evidence of an immune response comparable to that achieved via subcutaneous delivery.

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10 Dec 2021

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