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How Emotional Intelligence is Driving Improvements and Meeting the Challenges in Pulmonary Drug Delivery

In this article we will explore how an awareness of emotional intelligence (EQ) can foster a culture of enabling partnerships that have the potential to drive real advances in understanding, and therefore achieving better patient outcomes.

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Author(s): Howard Burnett
30 Nov 2020

Everyone who works in the pulmonary drug development space recognises what a complex subject it is, comprising several interconnected disciplines that, right now, aren’t actually connected. This is simply because, to date, there hasn’t been one partner that can offer the breadth of experience and the depth of expertise needed by pharmaceutical clients.

At Aptar Pharma, we have a culture that encourages and attracts people with a level of emotional intelligence that enables us to forge strong and successful partnerships.

We firmly believe that the trend towards more sophisticated, deep-rooted partnerships are set to continue. For Aptar Pharma, two-dimensional supply-and-demand agreements must evolve to become three-dimensional, multi-layered collaborations to manage the increasingly complex, interconnected landscape of pulmonary drug development.


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