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Drug Repurposing: A More Efficient Approach to Drug Development?

Finding new uses for old drugs is now a significant trend in the pharmaceutical industry. A repurposing project takes a drug that is already approved for one indication and seeks approval for another or a new formulation may be created to allow administration via a different route for the same indication.

May 18, 2021 10:00 PM London / 5:00 PM New York 20 Minutes
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Presented by Reenal Gandhi
17 Jun 2021

Repurposing drugs is often a faster and more affordable way to develop new products than de novo drug discovery and development.

This webinar reviews the advantages of drug repurposing for drugs delivered via the nose, our success to date as well as the benefits for patients.

Learn more about our UDS and BDS devices for drug repurposing projects.

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