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Delivering a Material Difference to MAP Technology

Client: Nanopatch TM from Vaxxas, with Aptar CSP Technologies Xcelerate

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30 Jul 2020

MAP technologies are particularly sensitive to moisture and need sophisticated desiccant technology to avoid the risk that the API is compromised.
MAP technology can be developed for a wide use of applications, with vaccines currently one of several focus areas.

Aptar CSP Technologies employed its Xcelerate Development Services to expedite time to market for their client Vaxxas.

Test methods and studies were employed to characterize the device and verify the desiccants performance. What was developed was a low moisture ingress assembly with an optimized Activ-Polymer™ desiccant capacity and integration into the device.
This achieved and maintained target moisture levels enabling small scale production for development and stability work. The final device is suitable for aseptic production.

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