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For Squeezing

Aptar’s Inverted Pouch Dispensing solutions have been developed to bring differentiation and superior functionality to pouches. This innovative packaging solution features a flip-lid closure and SimpliSqueeze® valve, completely eliminating the need for utensils, and allowing for 99% product evacuation. This new packaging format offers stability and easy storage, giving consumers a superior packaging experience.

Sierra Closure for STANDCAP Pouch:

  • One piece flip-lid
  • Controlled dispense
  • Clean cutoff
  • Wide range of SimpliSqueeze® valve configurations available


Famously coined as the “better ketchup bottle” by The Washington Post, the STANDCAP Pouch by Glenroy is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and convenient flexible package. Aptar provides the Sierra closure for STANDCAP, which is a dispensing solution that features an easy-to open flip-lid closure and a tamper evident pull ring. Its proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology delivers a drip-free and controlled product dispense.

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