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A global leader for elastomeric Tip Caps, our range uses a unique rubber formulation combining effective permeability, drug protection and chemical inertness. Our Tip Caps are part of Aptar Pharma’s comprehensive range of high-quality Pre-Filled Syringe components, providing safe, complete solutions for your injectable developments.

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Optimal Drug Protection via Our Leading-Edge Elastomeric Formulation

Unique, pure-quality elastomeric formulation, with low E&L

Selecting the right injectable components is important, especially for drugs delivered in Pre-Filled Syringes. Our Tip Caps’ proprietary elastomeric formulation made with high-quality raw materials offers the lowest levels of Extractables and Leachables and are the right choice for your product. Thanks to our in-house expertise, we continue to develop innovative formulations offering a balance of both mechanical and physical properties with the fewest possible ingredients, ensuring the best results in terms of chemical inertness, which is ideal for our customers’ sensitive drugs.

Ensuring quality protection of your injectable drugs

All our elastomeric formulations are compliant with international standards, such as the USP, EP, JP and ISO 8871. They are also certified “not made with natural rubber” allowing us to be your go-to drug delivery partner for all your injectable challenges. Our team of experts in our International Technical Center can support your development including the selection of designs best adapted to your Pre-Filled Syringe’s requirements as well as recommendations on the right formulation for your specific applications, to ensure optimal protection of your drug product formulation.

Trusted by the worlds’ leading pharmaceutical companies

Aptar Pharma is a leading provider of elastomeric Tip Caps to all the leading glass manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies for their Pre-Filled Syringe systems. Our 50+ years of experience, scientific expertise and high quality standards provide customers with a wide range of trusted injectable component solutions as well as support services, including analytical testing, regulatory support and post launch support, for drug development success.

Tip Cap Advantages

  • A Leading Provider Worldwide
  • Advanced Elastomeric Formulation
  • Choose Your Quality Level
  • Customized Solutions

Aptar Pharma is a global leader of Tip Caps

We are a leading provider of elastomeric Tip Caps to all the leading glass manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide for their Pre-Filled Syringe systems.

Our proprietary elastomeric formulation provides best-in-class protection

Aptar Pharma’ unique, pure, latex-free rubber formulation for Tip Caps ensures high drug protection, high chemical inertness and effective functional performances, answering the many requirements for drug products.

Our Tip Caps are available in various quality level finishes to meet your requirements

Aptar Pharma Tip Caps are available Ready-to-Sterilize (RTS) and Ready-to-Use (RTU) and their quality can be enhanced with PremiumFill® quality and PremiumVision™ process, providing various levels of particulate and critical defect reductions.

Offering customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements

Aptar Pharma can support your specific development by customizing our solutions to answer your specific needs in terms of design, processability, system integration and regulatory.

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Contact our Aptar Pharma experts to find out how our unique rubber formulation for Tip Caps can offer better protection for your injectable drugs.


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