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Aptar Pharma’s Breath Actuated Inhaler (BAI), used in conjunction with a pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI), reduces patient variability and patient coordination errors. By doing so, BAI helps improve compliance and adherence in patients with asthma and COPD.

Our BAI also incorporates a choice of reliable and convenient dose-counting technology solutions to remind patients how many doses remain.

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Improving Patient Compliance and Adherence for the Treatment of Asthma and COPD

A breath-actuated pMDI to enhance patient compliance

The BAI is very easy to use and is suitable for all patient types including children and the elderly. This can be important for patients with low inspiration rates. Each dose is delivered by simply breathing in at the mouthpiece, which ensures dose consistency.

Minimized coordination errors

BAIs help overcome poor patient coordination techniques and the need for deep inspiration rates (flow rates), thus minimizing patient coordination errors.

We offer complete solutions

We provide solutions from device and formulation development through clinical trial phases, analytical testing, regulatory filings and market launches. We add value at every stage of the drug-development process, accelerating and reducing the risk of programs along the way.

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Science-led design and development

Aptar Pharma operates through a culture of innovation excellence. Our R&D teams work with thought leaders globally to design, develop and deliver optimal asthma solutions, driven by patient preference. We also co-sponsor and co-organize respiratory conferences including RDD Europe, showcasing our continued investment in respiratory conditions.

Breath Actuated Inhaler Advantages

  • Simple to Use
  • Enhanced Patient Compliance
  • A Life Cycle Management Solution
  • Complete Solution
  • Portable

Suitable for patients of all ages

The BAI is very simple to use. The patient simply places the mouthpiece in their mouth and breathes in. This makes it easy for any patient to use, with the added advantage that no coordination is needed, as with standard pMDIs.

Minimal patient coordination errors

The BAI enhances patient compliance by minimizing coordination errors using a reliable and effective breath-triggering mechanism. It also incorporates a choice of proven dose-counting technology solutions. These include our patented and trusted Landmark Dose Indicator or a digital display counter and/or a connectivity option.

Proprietary LCM opportunities to protect your brands

Aptar Pharma’s BAI offers proprietary added value LCM opportunities to help further differentiate and protect your brands.

Complete pMDI device solution

Enables the metering valve to be matched with both the BAI triggering and dose-counting mechanisms to offer a complete intuitive pMDI solution.

Convenient to carry

BAIs are small, lightweight and easily portable in a purse, pocket or bag.

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