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Fully-Recyclable & E-Commerce Capable* Tube Top

Purity Lite is an innovative HDPE tube top that creates a fully-recyclable package when paired with an HDPE and PE tube.

It features a unique, low-profile design for a sleek look, and is up to 47% more light weight compared to a standard tube top.

Purity Lite is available in frost & gloss surface finishes & a variety of color options to fit your brand.

Formula Type: medium-thick viscosities

Orifice Sizes: .062″, .125″, .250″, .300″

Neck Finishes: 2″ (50mm) Diameter, 10mm Snap-On

Seal Type: Plug

Production-Ready: NA


* Requires compatible tube style head.
**Ista-6 Overbox Testing Compliant. Test results may vary based on container shape, container size and sample formula
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Why Choose Purity Lite

  • Fully Recyclable, Mono-Material
  • E-Commerce Capable

High-Density Polyethylene tube top that is fully recyclable when paired with a HDPE or PE tube.

Lighter-Weight Design: Up to 47% more light weight in comparison to a standard tube top.


ISTA-6 Compliant

Purity Lite is complaint with Amazon’s ISTA-6 protocol. Brands can rest assured products can withstand the risks associated with transportation and distribution.



“Purity Lite is a key achievement in Aptar’s journey to have 100% of our products being recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025,”

Christophe Marie, Director of Product Sustainability

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