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Macro is an airless packaging ideal for Personal Care applications. The airless technology offers safe and hygienic solutions from precise dosages to a 360° dispensing application. Macro is the ideal dispensing solution for sensitive and most viscous formulas like body care, post tattoo & piercing care, hair styling or foot care. It is offered in a wide range of contents (50 – 200 mL) and 3 different diameters for highly aesthetic benefits.

Airless technology

  • Patented airless piston system
  • No metal parts
  • Double valve pump
  • Self-priming system
  • 100 % of functions tested
  • High evacuation rate

Technical Information

  • Design configuration through Mix & Match
  • Delivery in 3 assembled and controlled parts
  • Bottom fill piston system, standard filling
  • For medium to high viscous formulations
  • Certified recyclability by CYCLOS, score 96-97 / 100 (PP/PE version)
  • Compliant with Ecocert and Cosmos standard for organic cosmetics
  • Available in ISCC certified circular plastic


The filling by the bottom of the bottle ensures a fast priming and a good functioning with the most viscous formula.

Technical Sheet 

Download Brochure for Tattoo & Piercing Download Brochure for Hair Care Download Brochure for Foot Care

Features & Benefits

Hygienic & Safe

  • No contact of sensitive bulks with air
  • Self sealing, no risk of contamination

Quick & Easy to use

  • 360° dispensing
  • Targeted application

Outstanding performance

  • Precise and reproducible dose
  • High evacuation rate (>90%)

Customize Macro in 3D

  • Macro Slim
  • Macro Oval
  • Macro Compact

Mix and Match !

customize in 3D visualizer

Mix and Match !

customize in 3D visualizer

Mix and Match !

customize in 3D visualizer

Together towards more sustainability

Eco-design and recyclability are at the heart of Aptar’s values and vision for the future of packaging. Eco-friendly material options and quality certifications are available to meet your sustainability goals.

  • CYCLOS-HTP certification
  • ISCC Circular plastic certification
  • ECOCERT & COSMOS standards

Aptar Beauty + Home achieved a high recyclability score for the Macro range: 96% to 97%*, rating “Class AAA” qualification for recyclable content. Certified by the CYCLOS-HTP Institute, an independent German institute assessing recyclability and product responsibility in areas of sustainability on a European level.

*for raw, natural packaging without decor or label.

Circular plastic is a recycled plastic pioneered in the cosmetics and beauty industry by Aptar Beauty + Home, in collaboration with valued customer REN Clean Skincare. It is certified by ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), an independent organization delivering a globally applicable certification system for the sustainability of raw materials and packaging to provide fully traceable sustainable solutions. Material traceability and sustainability are guaranteed by ISCC certificates delivered with each Macro ISCC project.

The Macro airless range is compliant with Ecocert and Cosmos standards for organic and natural cosmetics.

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