PACTO Fine Mist On-The-Go Packaging

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PACTO Fine Mist airless packaging delivers great performance. At just 25ml and 8.15cm tall, it takes up almost no space but provides over 250 sprays.

Key Features:

  • Package Size: 25ml
  • Dosage: 100mcl
  • Closure Type: Snap On
  • Product Formulation: Spray
  • E-commerce capable and sustainable features
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Why Choose PACTO Fine Mist?

  • One of a Kind
  • Colour your Brand
  • An Irreplaceable Experience

The 25 ml size that fits anywhere has been designed to be your travel companion.  It can fit in any pocket, purse, or handbag.

With multiple color options, PACTO helps you add character and attention to your packaging solution.

With an integrated “Fragrance Pump” enjoy a pack that promises dripless performance with a sensorial feel.

The PACTO Advantage

For a convenient, trendy and a mess-free experience

PACTO is designed to fit anywhere – pocket or tabletop. It’s rectangular design makes it ideal for any handbag, surface or tabletop.

Built with worldwide acclaimed Aptar Fragrance technology, it is the only “On the Go” full pack solution that delivers sensorial experience, convenience, mess-free application and dosage control.

Versatile Platform

With multiple dosage options of 70mcl and 100mcl, PACTO can be used for multiple applications. It allows you to explore possibilities with  “travel format, facial mist, retail fragrance, body mist, sampling, promotion, sanitiser spray and way more.

If you want to take the amazing experience even further, you can create a “PACTO pair”. Two options of fine mist and lotion are paired together for an immersive and convenient experience for the consumer.

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