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The indispensable Choice for High Dosage Dispensing

HiFlow is the right lotion dispenser for the whole family. Especially for hair care and personal cleansing products a 4cc dosage can be dispensed conveniently.

The actuator design with extended nozzle gives you comfort and point of differentiation at the same time.

The waterproof and locking features (up & down locking) prevent water ingression so that the package can stay securely in the shower for daily use. Compatibility and protection of the product formulation is guaranteed by the metal free pathway design.


  • High Dosage 4 cc
  • Metal Free Pathway (spring outside dosage chamber)
  • ShowerProof design optimized to get very low level of water invasion under streaming water
  • Exclusive design which ensures on-shelf differentiation and convenience
  • Closure and Actuator customizable

Technical details

  • Lock Down system
  • Sealing in up and down position
  • Simple (low number of components), reliable and effective
  • 28-410 bottle neck size
  • Large viscosity range

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