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The Bag-On-Valve is a modern, sustainable dispensing system designed to improve a product’s life span and the consumer experience.

Bag-On-Valve is a one-way dispensing system that separates the product and propellant. The bag, composed of an aluminum core, acts as the barrier that separates the product from the propellant.

Because of the many benefits, Bag-On-Valve is an ideal system to dispense liquid and viscous products.

Product Preservation

A Bag-On-Valve system is a barrier system that preserves the integrity of the product by separating the product from the propellant. This separation allows a product to dispense in its purest form. Use the list below to quickly highlight the benefits of product preservation.

Consumer Experience

Bag-On-Valves offer a variety of benefits to the consumer. Consumers are able to optimize the use of the product with up to a 99% evacuation rate.

Safe and Sustainable

Bag-On-Valve packages are safe and environmentally friendly to use. BOV systems use friendly gases like compressed air or nitrogen, drastically reducing the need for VOC gases in packages. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are chemicals with high vapor pressure that contribute to air pollution outdoors and inside our homes.

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