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Skin Protect Ultra Protective is a revolutionary airless tube packaging especially developed for the most fragile formulas. Its multilayer tube is equipped with the patented “Tip Seal” closure for absolute protection against any external or back-contamination at all times.

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The ultimate protection for your formula



The barrier solution for the most fragile formulas offers many benefits:

  • Protection against any contamination and oxidation
  • 100% plastic, no metal spring
  • Standard leak-proof statistical control of the closure-tube connection
  • Non-irradiated solution

Tip Seal patented closure

 Aptar’s guarantee for an all-time protection against any contamination.

The patented Tip Seal closure offers several levels of protection:

  • “Twist-to-lock” super secure closure
  • Airtight and leak-proof multilayers tube and closure
  • Additional protective overcap for clean and secure use

Optimal protection but still very easy-to-use:

  • Soft actuation, low pressure
  • Easy-to-control product flow
  • High restitution rate

Your ally against “maskne”


The answer to the need for more hygiene and product safety


“Maskne” and skin concerns are rising due to mask wearing causing friction on the skin surface. As a result, brands and consumers are turning to “cleaner” formulas with fewer preservatives and a greater need for protection. Skin Protect ULTRA PROTECTIVE is the perfect solution to guarantee that your formula will not be in contact with air, light or external contamination during its use.

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