PZ Series

Spray Pumps


The PZ Series describes spray pump options for various application fields and dosages. Within the product family there are solutions for viscous and high viscous product formulation which can be dispensed in upright or inverted position.

Technical details

  • Pre-compression pump for various application fields, dosages and formulations
  • PZ series provides various module features:
    • HV for viscous formulas
    • T for aliphatic (oil-based) formulas
    • THV for both aliphatic & viscous formulas
    • USD for upside down dispensing
    • DL for high viscous formulas
    • Helios is the latest solution for demanding formulas e. g. oil-based sun care products
    • Airless for demanding formulas to avoid air contamination (available for PZ2, PZ2 Helios and PZ3)
  • Dosages: 140, 150, 190, 290 mcl
  • Available Closure diameters: 1”cup, 18, 20, 22, 24 mm, Oval Snap-on, Snap-on
  • Available in e-commerce version thanks to its reinforced cap

Product Details

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