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Built with Pacto, a world-famous Fragrance technology by Aptar, Purette is the only “On-The-Go” full pack solution that promises clear visibility on the fragrance, for maximum convenience and sensoriality.

With a height just over 8cm, it takes almost no space and yet provides over 250 sprays.

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Clarity inside out

aesthetic appeal – 44% of respondents found the design unique  and looks appealing

functional benefit – 19% of respondents mentioned that clear packaging would let them know if they had to order a new product

An experience – with a clear bottle, it’s easy for consumers to witness the product and connect with it better.


Over 90% of our young respondents in the age group of 15-22, loved Purette – for its clarity,  colour, multiplicity and ease of carrying around.

20% of respondents (across age groups) found the pack compact and easy to carry

Multiplicity at core

Tried and tested with multiple formulations, Purette can be used across applications ranging from EDT, EDP, Cologne, Sanitisers, Mouth spray to Homecare

dispensing – consistent across applications ranging from EDT, oral care, cologne to homecare

quality assured – no leakage found across any application

Consumer convenience – stoke to prime limited to 5-6 strokes

Redefining VALUE

Designed for consumers

  • Purette delivers unexpected performance for a 25ml pack. At just over 8cm tall, it takes almost no space but provides over 250sprays.
  • Inbuilt with worldwide acclaimed Aptar  Fragrance technology, it is the only “On-The-Go” full pack solution that promises clear visibility of the bulk,  sensoriality and convenience.

Defined for brands

  • A one-stop “full pack” solution
  • A promise of reduced cost of ownership
  • Tested and aligned across filling community

Configure Purette in 3D in real-time

Explore an array of colours, materials and transparencies and then upload unlimited artwork options from labels to full graphics with instant real-time mapping.

All pack decoration options and sizes are locked down to feasible combinations, so the packs you create are not only as you wish but possible.


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