Note Fragrance Applicator

Applicators & Droppers


A new fragrance experience – intimate, precious and sensual

Aptar revives a timeless gesture: when perfume was applied simply
and delicately to the skin. The Note Fragrance Applicator provides gentle and gradual application on desired points.

Key Features:

  • The cap contains a transparent applicator
  • The cap unscrews and each time you open it, the applicator fills automatically
  • The fragrance is released through capillary action upon contact with the skin
  • Available oil formulas and On-the-Go packaging

Technical Sheet

Configure Note in 3D

Explore an array of colors, materials, transparencies and bottle shapes. Select your actuator, collar and closure and then upload unlimited artwork options from labels to full graphics with instant real-time mapping.

All pack decoration options and sizes are locked down to feasible combinations, so the packs you create are not only as you wish but possible.


customize in 3D

Applying and wearing fragrance is an intimate experience that is unique to each consumer.

The rituals of our daily routine, are nurtured by our personality, our culture, our environment and the very essence of our perfume. We invite you to explore our Ritual Collection, where every detail is designed to offer you the experience desired.

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