Dispensing/Lotion Pumps, Body Cream, Foundation, Liquid Soap, Oil/Serum, Water-Based


A simple and effective high quality design compatible with a wide range of cartridges for many dosages. Its ergonomic actuator is especially adapted to smaller containers. Metropolitan adapts to a broad range of containers, especially smaller ones, and offers a security clip system an cap for an easy and safe on-the-go use.

PCR+ sustainable pumps offer coming soon…

Metropolitan pump benefits

Cartridge expertise for every formula

  • EVO, the high-precision cartridge with 150, 200 and 240 mcl doses
  • alpha, the high-security cartridge for the most demanding formulas with 150 and 240 mcl doses
    • Excellent compatibility, metal-free pathway
    • Excellent tolerance of formulas with high concentrations of pigments or other solid particles
    • Excellent dispensing capacity for formulas made with new-generation solvents (isododecane, short-chain alkanes…)


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