Irresistible Airless Packaging



The only PFS (Preservative Free System) airless packaging especially designed for formulas with few to no preservatives

Patented barrier technology inside the actuator combining Tip-Seal technology with a sterilizing filter. Inside the bottle, an ultraprotective airless bag-in-bottle guarantees the maximum level of protection for fragile formulas. This perfectly sealed and airtight packaging protects from microbial pollution inside the bottle, as well as external aggressions, while guaranteeing the compatibility between the formula and the packaging (neutral pump and co-extruded bottle).

Key Features:​

  • Adapted to formulas with few or no preservatives, or with probiotics
  • Volume: 20, 30, 40, 50 ml
  • Dosage: 150 µL
  • POM free
  • Metal free path cartridge available
  • Microbiological qualification (CVIT, TSIT) guaranteeing no contamination before and after PAO
  • ECOCERT standards compliant
  • Available in EMEA region
  • Available in full service packaging

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