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Aptar Pharma Webinar: Drug Repositioning – Benefits and Challenges for Lifecycle Management

Join Aptar Pharma’s live educational webinar entitled “Drug Repositioning – Benefits and Challenges for Lifecycle Management.” on November 29th, 2022.


November 29, 2022 3:00 PM London / 10:00 AM New York
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Presented by Julie D. Suman Reenal Gandhi
20 Oct 2022

Drug repositioning, also known as drug repurposing, is an increasingly attractive prospect to shorten drug development timelines and optimize overall development costs. It offers many other benefits such as IP creation, access to faster, less complex regulatory pathways, increased market share, patient empowerment and less reliance on HCPs. Nasal drug delivery offers a pathway into the systemic circulation and has been proven for use in emergency situations with naloxone. Whatever stage of development you face, there are many good reasons to partner with Aptar Pharma to reformulate your drug product into a nasal delivery device. Nasal drug repositioning can bring new life to mature drug products.

However, there are still many scientific and regulatory hurdles to overcome when reevaluating the dose, dose regimens and efficacy in new patient populations.

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