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Aptar Reboul x Lush: Towards ever more ethical cosmetics

One of the world’s leading packaging dispensing systems for the cosmetics industry, Aptar Beauty + Home has adopted an ambitious approach to managing environmental challenges and is now developing a range of solutions with reduced environmental impacts, particularly in the area of make-up.

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1 May 2019


The Aptar group thus recently acquired the company Reboul, which specialises in metal packaging, particularly lipstick packaging, and all the associated processes. Reboul has been manufacturing packaging for the most prestigious make-up brands since 1921. It is well-known for its in-depth expertise in metal processing (from drawing to completion), parts decoration and multimaterial assembly, and is also an expert in the field of innovative lipstick mechanisms. This acquisition has broadened Aptar’s array of expertise and portfolio. The first product to result from this new entity: the refillable lipstick tube designed for Lush, a socially and environmentally responsible vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand…


Every year, 800 to 900 million lipstick tubes are sold worldwide, most being made of a mix of materials and elements that are difficult to recycle. According to Lush, 25 billion tubes are thrown away in England every year (Source: This is inconceivable for the brand, which advocates a more ethical cosmetics consumption, and presented a challenge for Aptar Reboul, who was invited to come up with an environmentally friendly solution that allows for more efficient recycling and less waste to landfill.


Aptar Reboul’s tube is made in aluminium and brass, 40% of which is recycled material, is not mixed with any plastic and has been designed to be fully refillable and recyclable. Not to mention elegant. The lipstick refills are inserted after removing the black wax tab from their base: then all that’s needed is to slide the stick down by twisting the tube so it slots into place until the next product refill is needed. A new way to use make-up, with minimum waste.


“We discovered Aptar Reboul at the last PCD trade show in Paris; it is one of only two companies in the world with the technology and experience needed to manufacture them on the scale we needed.”

–Lee Carpenter, Lush Creative Packaging

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