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Aptar Partners with CARE® to Further Women’s Economic Empowerment and Sponsors the Fast + Fair COVID-19 Vaccine Response Campaign

Aptar has partnered with CARE®, a 501(c) organization who works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

17 Feb 2021

Through our on-going global partnership, Aptar will support CARE’s mission, including education programming, women’s economic empowerment efforts and CARE’s Crisis Response Campaign, by sponsoring the Fast + Fair COVID-19 Vaccine Response Campaign.

Women and girls have always been a vital part of CARE’s fight against global poverty. During the pandemic, women are on the frontlines of the crisis, and women are at a higher risk of infection while caring for the sick and out-of-school children.

“CARE has a tremendous, worldwide track record as a highly effective non-profit organization that has supported and empowered women and girls around the world for over 75 years. We are very proud to make CARE the global signature cause for Aptar as we work to further women’s education and empowerment, and join their fight against COVID-19 through global vaccine distribution,” said Stephan B. Tanda, Aptar President and CEO. “As a manufacturer of components for the delivery of vaccines, including stoppers for glass vials and syringe components, the work CARE is doing to advocate, facilitate, protect and educate about vaccines is critical. We believe that everyone should have the same level of access to vaccines and COVID-19 support.”

Through the Fast + Fair COVID-19 Vaccine Response Campaign, the organization is stepping in to help communities around the globe ensure more than 100 million people in 10 countries – including women, those living in extreme poverty, and nearly 275,000 healthcare workers – have access to the COVID-19 vaccines over the coming year. Wealthy countries have already purchased 53% of the most promising vaccines. However, they account for just 14% of the world’s population. Through CARE’s Fast + Fair campaign, CARE is working to influence U.S. and global policy to ensure equitable vaccine availability and distribution.

CARE is also focused on supporting health systems in every stage of vaccine chain—including planning, tracking, training and delivery—prioritizing at risk groups including health workers, caregivers and refugees. CARE will work to engage communities to provide correct information, combat stigma and build trust.



Aptar is an early sponsor of the Fast + Fair Campaign and will join the CARE Corporate Council, a coalition of corporate partners committed to multi-sector collaboration, and using their influence, expertise and people to empower women and girls.

“CARE’s mission aligns with our purpose, values and mission to further diversity and inclusion, empower women and to support the communities where we live and work, along with global communities who are the most marginalized and the most in need,” said Shiela Vinczeller, Chief Human Resources Officer. “By partnering with CARE, we can also work to accelerate Gender Equality both within Aptar and around the world.”

CARE rose to an enormous challenge 75 years ago, sending millions of CARE Packages® to starving families in Europe after World War II. The CARE Package became iconic, representing a tangible way to provide immediate, lifesaving and life-changing assistance. Since then, CARE’s work has grown it has become a recognized leader in disaster relief and humanitarian aid. In April 2020, CARE quickly mobilized to launch a new CARE Package to respond to the United States’ biggest needs due to COVID-19. The organization has sent 3 million CARE Packages in the US – including food, income, support for frontline workers, and protections from sexual abuse/gender-based violence to individuals and communities in need.

“CARE is grateful to be partnering with Aptar to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine reaches those most in need, regardless of where they live,” President and CEO of CARE US, Michelle Nunn said. “Aptar’s support of our Fast + Fair COVID-19 initiative will help protect those most often overlooked by society, including women, those living in extreme poverty, and informal healthcare workers. This pandemic has taught us that none of us are safe, until all of us are safe. Protecting those most vulnerable is not only ethical, it’s the only way to wage an effective global vaccination campaign and end this pandemic.”

Aptar has formalized policies around Human RightsDiversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Community Engagement and Global Giving on its corporate website. These important policies outline Aptar’s commitment to upholding human rights, the environment, and the communities in which it operates.

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