Aptar Launches Employee Resource Group for Black/African American and/or African Descent Employees

Aptar is continuing our efforts to be a more diverse and inclusive organization while ensuring equity exists for all employees. To further our efforts, we are announcing the launch of our Employee Resource Group (ERG), which will focus on employees who identify as Black/African American and/or African descent. Allies (supporters) of this group are also welcome to participate.

6 Dec 2021

Our new ERG will support a focus on Black/African American and/or African descent employees and to provide initiatives for career development to enable career advancement at all levels in the organization. This ERG will also support progress towards increasing our overall underrepresented employee population.

Employee Resource Groups, like ALIGN, our women’s employee resource group, will provide many benefits to our colleagues and to furthering our DE&I progress.

Benefits to our colleagues:

  • Career/professional development
  • Sense of belonging
  • Increase in representation
  • Increased focus on DEI
  • Mentoring and Networking

Elements that further our commitment to DE&I:

  • Aligns with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy
  • Supports our DEI Roadmap
  • Creates stronger retention and increased diversity in recruitment
  • Increases productivity and morale
  • Creates cultural awareness and understanding

ERG Strategy and Purpose

The purpose of the Black/African American and/or African descent Employee Resource Group is to drive awareness, education and inclusion across our workplaces, provide opportunities and increase visibility for career development, internal networking opportunities and support the recruitment and retention of Black/African American and/or African descent, particularly in the United States, while contributing to an inclusive and equitable work environment.

As with ALIGN, this ERG will have alignment with business/segment initiatives, employee development and employee engagement.  Participation is voluntary. A leadership team will be formed to work closely with the Executive Sponsor, CHRO and the Global Diversity & Inclusion Director.  Best practices from ALIGN and collaboration will be instituted for a smooth launch.

We are a global company full of diverse, highly skilled, passionate people. As part of the foundation of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D,E&I) roadmap, our goal is to ensure that all of us feel fully included and find our own sense of pride in Aptar.

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