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Aptar Food + Beverage Provides Neo™ Closure for United Pharmaceuticals’ Novalac Infant Milk Packaging

United Pharmaceuticals chose to collaborate with Aptar because of Aptar’s extensive experience in infant formula packaging.

19 May 2022

Aptar Food + Beverage was selected by Paris-based United Pharmaceuticals to contribute to the design of a high-quality and efficient package for its iconic infant milk brand, Novalac. United Pharmaceuticals chose to collaborate with Aptar because of Aptar’s extensive experience in infant formula packaging.

Designed for Parents of Today

The Neo closure was designed based on extensive consumer research to address the concerns and needs of parents when selecting formula for their infants. This high-performance solution, which features best-in-class technology and value-added benefits, was selected to improve the safety and consumer experience of United Pharmaceuticals’ Novalac brand package.

The Neo closure features a lid diameter of 127mm and a customized spoon, ranging in different sizes adapted to the various Novalac formula, allowing parents to open, remove the spoon, dispense the product into the bottle, return the spoon to the dedicated spot avoiding contamination through the parents’ hands, and close the package easily, even with one hand. An audible “click” upon reclosing assures parents the formula remains secure after use. Neo’s tamper-resistant feature also assures parents that the formula has not been opened or touched prior to purchase.

Superior Technology

    • Safety: Because safety is the number one concern in infant milk processing, the Neo closure is produced in a High Care area using microbial testing of filtered air and all relevant surfaces within the HighCare area. A HighCare area is an industrial environment specifically designed to address the constraints, risks and regulations involved in the packing of sensitive products such as infant formula powders. Microbiological monitoring is also used in the production of Aptar’s Neo closure to eliminate any possibility of contamination. This infant formula closure integrates a Flexband that was designed to guard and protect the infant formula from insects, and it has been validated by several independent laboratories.
    • Line Efficiency: Besides making the dispensing of formula easier with less risk of contamination, Aptar’s Flexband technology also offers a low-application force on the production line and is ideal for mechanical or manual applications. Another featured benefit of Flexband is its ability to better center the closure onto the can, whether metal or composite. Furthermore, the Neo design allows for maximum stackability to help save space in transport, in-store, and during home storage. It also heightens the product’s visibility on shelves.

Discover more benefits of the Neo infant formula closure or contact us to speak with an expert.

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