SimpliCycle™ Recyclable Valve

In keeping with our Corporate Sustainability Commitments we are pleased to introduce Aptar’ new SimpliCycle™ Recyclable valve.

SimpliCycle™ allows customers to meet their sustainability goals. Made from a low density TPE material, the valve floats, allowing it to be easily separated from the PET stream, and then recycled right along with the PP/PE olefin stream. When assembled into Aptar Food + Beverage closures, SimpliCycle™ offers the high performance, versatility, and dispensing consistency that consumers have come to expect from Aptar valves. The SimpliCycle™ Valve Solution combines high performance and recyclability, revolutionizing the world of sustainable dispensing.

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Aptar Launches SimpliCycle™ TPE Valve Solution

Aptar Food + Beverage announces its new SimpliCycle™ recyclable valve technology.

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Aptar Transforms Market with SimpliCycle™ Valve Solution

The innovative and recyclable valve accelerates Aptar closer to its 2025 sustainability goals.

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