We combine innovative function and attractive design for product application to the face and lips creating a unique make-up experience, bringing joy and confidence to the consumers.

We thrive for better consumer experience and brand differentiation

We understand that for many people who routinely use makeup, its application is itself part of what makes wearing it so enjoyable. Because of that, all our solutions–whether from our standard lineup or customized just for you–function with the highest-quality precision and convenience. Our products can also be highly decorated and customized to enhance and elevate consumer experience while at the same time offering a strong differentiation to your brand.

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Our Areas of Focus

  • Dispensing for Foundation
  • Dispensing for Ultra-Fluid Formulas
  • 100 Years of Lipstick Creation

Special pumps and droppers for all your foundation formulas

A large range of dispensing systems adapted to all types of foundations, from the most fluid to the most thick formulas.

Discover Foundation Pumps

Star Drop, the next generation dropper

For your fluid to ultra-fluid formulas, Star Drop is the ideal offer for a precise, clean and convenient drop-by-drop dispensing.

Discover Star Drop

Exceptional cases for your creations

More than 100 years of success in custom Lipstick creation thanks to an expertise in metal transformation and decoration.


Makeup Solutions

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