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E-Commerce Capable Solutions

With the significant growth of e-commerce over the last years we have developed the expertise and capability to provide proven secure packaging solutions for e-commerce.

Your Trusted Partner for Reliable E-commerce Capable Solutions

Custom Solutions

We create stock and custom e-commerce capable solutions that help your brands withstand the external stressors of an omni-channel supply chain and ensure a satisfying unboxing experience for consumers.

Personal Experience

We initiated our process by connecting with key players of the e-commerce supply chain (such as Amazon, UPS, ISTA) to understand their standards, needs and requirements.

Tested & Proven Methods

We have adopted the ISTA 6-Amazon OVERBOX test methods as our minimum approval requirements but we often provide more testing to challenge e-commerce shipping and handling with our products, ensuring a satisfying unboxing experience to our consumers. We have been testing using this method across all of our product technologies to identify products and design features that can be suitable for your e-commerce supply chain.

As a result of that testing, we have identified common failure modes that must be addressed within all dispensing systems or technologies (i.e., pumps, closures, valves, etc.):

  • Leakage between container and dispensing system
  • Leakage within dispensing system
  • Disassembly or damage to dispensing system
  • Accidental opening

Aptar is committed to partnering with you to get all packages certified as PFP (Prep-Fee-Packaging) using our latest technologies.

Beauty E-Commerce Solutions

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