Aptar Reboul x Lush

Exceptional cases for your creations

Since 1921, Aptar Reboul is a renowned industrial partner for tailor-made lipstick packaging creations. We offer the highest quality standards to our customers such as Hermès, Chanel and Dior.

Towards More Conscious Beauty

Aptar Reboul designed and developed a tailor-made full metal and refillable Lipstick, to fulfill Lush’s aspirations to create a lipstick with both a disruptive look and feel and a reduced environmental impact.

“Aptar Reboul is one of the few companies in the world with the technology and experience to manufacture our refillable lipstick tubes on the scale we need.”

Lush Creative Packaging

Circular Beauty

Aptar Reboul designed a fully recyclable packaging for Lush.

Made only of aluminum and brass with 40% made from recycled materials.

Refillable & Recyclable

Endlessly refillable and also recyclable, Lush’s lipstick reduces its packaging waste.

A simple and convenient gesture

The lipstick casing can be easily refilled by inserting the bullet into the shell.

Timeless packaging

Based on Lush’s design concept, inspired by antique Lipsticks, Aptar Reboul created a vintage looking casing illustrating the timeless beauty of brass.

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