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Minerálne Vody Prešov launches new range for children with 28mm Original Sport Cap

Oct. 21, 11

The Slovakian bottled water company Minerálne Vody a.s. has  launched a new format in their Drobček range for children.

The 0.33L bottle is designed to be handy for children to use and comes with colourful eye-catching sleeves.

The Drobček range of waters comprises four varieties, three of which are flavoured; the fourth being unflavoured and more specifically targeting toddlers.  All four are equipped with a standard transparent 28mm Original Sport Cap.

The Original range of sports closures has proved successful with many children’s products.  The technical characteristics provide exactly the assurance that parents seek when buying products for their children.

  • Safety – no risk of lid or spout detaching
  • Hygiene – reclosable lid keeps the spout clean at all times
  • Ease of use – the lid is easy for children to open and reclose
  • Tight seal – no spills or leaks
  • Comfortable to drink from, even for small children
  • SimpliSqueeze® valve option for optimal flow control and additional fun element

For companies who are looking for differentiation, the Original sport caps are available in an attractive range of standard colours and also offer increased flexibility through the use of different colours for spout and body. 

The SimpliSqueeze® valve in Swimming® silicone is exclusive to Aptar and respects the PET recycling stream.